BEIRUT ART FILM FESTIVAL opened its doors for the first time in Lebanon,


Under the patronage and presence of the Minister of Culture

His Excellency Mr. Raymond Araygi


Were also the present:


Mr. Manuel Duran, Deputy Head of Mission in the Spanish Embassy

Mrs. Rose Lindgren, Cultural Affairs Assistant in the United States Embassy

Mr. Khaled Zeidan, Executive General Manager of MedSecurities Investments in BankMed Group, the major partner of Beirut Art Film Festival

Mrs. Alice Karam Mogabgab, Festival Manager

Mrs Maria Chakhtoura, Communication and Artistic Consultant

Mrs. Michele Helou Nahas, Artistic Manager

Mrs. Nadine Mokdessi, PR and NGO Adviser

Mr. Pierre Sarraf, Communication and Production Consultant


It is with the movie “Fairouz” of director Frederic Mitterand that the festival has begun on Wednesday November 4, 2015, an opening ceremony organized by LUXURY LIMITED EDITION by Cynthia Sarkis Perros, under the eyes of the elite of the Lebanese society together with the press.
Beirut Art Film Festival – BAFF, a premiere in Lebanon, will screen a fine selection of 25 recent documentaries on art at Metropolis Empire Sofil – Ashrafieh and in major Beirut universities, from 5 to 8 November, 2015.

The most exclusive documentaries assembled shall be screened for the first time in Beirut! They will feature Architecture, Art collections, Cinema, Contemporary Art, Dance, Design, Divas, Fashion, Masterpieces, Museums, Music, and Photography.

For Five days, Beirut will glitter rays of sophistication, glamour, and refinement.

BAFF is an invitation to a wonderful journey into the mystery of creativity, through its documentaries. BAFF is an open space dedicated to beauty and culture rendered possible thanks to the generosity of donors, partners, sponsors, and the dedication of its organizers and workers.

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