1,000 women from across the Middle East made a difference this Ramadan with MAGGI

Lebanon, July 2015: This year, on the occasion of the Holy Month of Ramadan, 1,000 women from across the region came together and prepared food baskets that were distributed to 13,000 families in need from across the region.  This was part of MAGGI’s 1000-women-for-good initiative encouraging women to make a difference during this Blessed month.

The baskets of Goodness, which contained essential food items such as soup, rice, milk, vegetable oil and flour, was delivered to homes across the GCC & Levant to ensure that families in need had enough food to prepare their suhoors and iftars and enable loved ones to enjoy shared time together and at the same time encourage healthy cooking.

To make the initiative possible, MAGGI worked closely with a number of NGO’s across the region including The Food Bank in Lebanon, and female

figureheads, to recruit 1,000 volunteers dedicated to making a difference to the lives of thousands of families.

Commenting on the initiative, Emile Douaihy, Head of MAGGI at Nestlé Middle East said: “MAGGI is all about making a difference in the lives of others. With our 1000 women-for-good initiative, which provided food baskets to 13,000 families across the region, we were able to create special moments during this holy month and bring families together at the table.”

“By teaming up with women from across the region, MAGGI is providing a platform for women to come together during Ramadan and work in communities to share the spirit of the Holy Month. The 1000-women-for-good initiative empowers and inspires women to make a difference in their own lives and those of their neighbours and loved ones, by sharing the dishes, flavours and tastes of global and regional cuisines. For the second year in a row, the experience continues to be rewarding and we are committed to continue this journey to create good food moments that make a difference in people’s lives.” Emile Douaihy added.


For more information on the various ‘Make a Difference’ initiatives, or to find cooking inspiration, visit MAGGI Arabia on https://www.maggime.com/

You can also keep track of the campaign and share your support using the #1000womenforgood tag across social media platforms.


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