himaya Launches a Campaign to Protect Working Children and their Families in Lebanon

Beirut, Lebanon- On the occasion of World Children’s Day, himaya, in partnership with Plan International and with funding support from the European Union, launched an advocacy campaign to protect working children and their families, and to activate the national action plan for eliminating child labor in Lebanon.

The campaign aims to highlight the worst forms of child labor (WFCL) particularly in the Lebanese agricultural sector, and to educate parents and employers together on how to protect children from the psychological and physical risks involved, while ensuring that their rights are being met.

The campaign was launched through an awareness video, which is now being broadcasted on local TV stations and shared on himaya’s and Plan International’s social media platforms to raise awareness on the WFCL in the agriculture sector.

In addition to the campaign’s video, a podcast episode will be broadcasted on Jaras Scoop FM radio.

A television interview on the program “Fawda” will also aim to highlight the social, psychological and legal aspects of the WFCL and how it impacts children’s safety.

Commenting on this campaign, himaya’s Executive Director, Serge Saad stated:

“Due to the difficult economic conditions, some parents may have to push their children into the labor market at an early age, which is what we are currently witnessing in Lebanon. However, the fundamental principle remains that the child has no place in the labor market. Parents, employers and local authorities have a shared responsibility to ensure that children are protected and their rights guaranteed in all circumstances.”

On behalf of Plan International Lebanon, Country director, Safo Visha said: “’The dire economic crisis Lebanon is witnessing has aggravated child labor in agriculture fields, exposing young girls and boys to the worst forms of labor and threatening their growth, education, future aspirations, and overall wellbeing. We fear that this phenomenon will only worsen and urge all stakeholders not to turn a blind eye and re-activate national action plan for eliminating child labor in Lebanon.’’

Parents have the responsibility to ensure that their children are in a safe workplace that does not endanger their psychological and physical well-being. The campaign communicates that parents, if at their full capacity, should provide for the family and ensure that the children’s basic needs are met and that their rights are preserved. From the employers’ side, they must be fully aware of the child labor law and work towards its implementation.  

This advocacy campaign is part of the continuous campaigns launched by himaya to protect children from any form of abuse and to ensure a healthy environment for children to live in peacefully and safely, with all their rights protected. Follow this link to watch the campaign’s awareness video: https://youtu.be/zBpVJ-RAIkc


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