BASSMA LAUNCHES WORLD FAMILY MONTH 2019 “Empowering destitute families to build a stronger society”

Beirut, May 9, 2019: BASSMA launches its 4th “International Family Month” campaign to help families in need, in partnership with the United Nations Information Center in Beirut, and in collaboration with Grand Cinemas.

On the occasion of International Families Day, and in collaboration with the United Nations Information Center in Beirut, represented by Mrs. Marguerite El Helou, Director of the Center, BASSMA launched its fourth campaign of “International Family Month” During a dialogue session on May 9, under the high patronage of his Excellency the Minister of Social Affairs Dr. Richard Kouyoumjian. The conference was held at the Grand Cinemas Achrafieh, regarding the issues facing Lebanese families during this crisis period. The topics of unemployment, housing, rents, education and public schools were discussed extensively with experts in each of the fields, with the launch of ideas and initiatives in favor families in need.

The president of the association, Mrs. Sandra Klat Abdelnour, described in her introduction speech the difficult economic situation in which the Lebanese families are currently living and the expected objectives of the dialogue session.

His Excellency the Minister of Social Affairs Dr. Kououmjian speech advocated the work of the associative world and the effectiveness of the cooperation of the Ministry with the associations and all those who want to make things happen.

As for the President of the Lebanese National Commission for Lebanese Women, Claudine Aoun Roukoz, she asserted that the fewer women working, the higher the rate of unemployment and therefore poverty.

The panelists each brought their expertise, know-how, experience, and the debate was rich in information and new ideas thanks to the MPs MP Elias Hankash and MP. Antoine Habchi, Mr. Fouad Zmokhol, President of the RDCL World, Mr. Rony Lahoud, Chairman of the Board and General Manager of the General Housing Organization, Lawyer Ms. Maya Geara, Legal Advisor of the National Tenant Committee, Mr. Mohammed Kassem, member of the Coordinating Committee of Trade Unions, Professor Mounir Abou-Assali Education Consultant, and Mrs. Maria Abou-Sakr, member of the Board of Directors of Bassma Association.

With each activity taken, Bassma hopes to become a step closer to breaking the cycle of poverty. Through the collective efforts of the campaign partners, and Bassma’ friends, a difference can be achieved.

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BASSMA, a non-profit association for Social Development, founded in Lebanon in 2002, strives to empower deprived families to reach self-sufficiency, with a deep commitment to providing empathetic care and the highest quality of services to children and families in need, thanks to their fifteen years of experience in this field, showing that their empowerment benefits the entire community.  In the beginning, the organization’s activities were mostly aimed at providing food to the most underprivileged families. Then, it expanded its impact and started working towards families’ social integration and self-sufficiency, implementing a long-term and personalized rehabilitation program, focusing on education and employment, and assuring the families’ basic needs, to help them gain their financial and psychological independence.

The Family Rehabilitation Plan includes services such as food aid, clothing, education support (payment of school and book fees, tutoring, night school, etc.), medical assistance (hospitalization, medicines, exams, dental care, and psychological follow-up), rental fees, house renovations, etc.  Through this tailored program, BASSMA believes that family empowerment is the key to success for a brighter future; since it helps deprived families break the vicious cycle of poverty.  Families are recruited based on their financial needs, without any political or religious discrimination.  Today, BASSMA has evolved into a comprehensive organization that directly supported around 120,000 people so far.


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