Animals Need You! Beirut explosion disaster response

Animals Lebanon is on the ground working round the clock on to help every animal affected by the devastating explosion.
More than 170 died, more than 6,000 injured, 300,000 homeless, and billions of dollars of damage. Parts of the city are a wasteland. It has been declared a disaster zone. Our hearts go out to everyone, and some of Animals Lebanon’s own members were injured, lost homes, lost businesses… Our office and shelter were damaged and animals injured.
There are still many more animals that need to be rescued. Animals that need veterinary care. Animals that we rescued and are caring for.

Please donate to our GoFundMe campaign to help rescue them all! We now have a dedicated page on our website to keep everyone up to date

We will help you!
We are running ads on social media and radio in English and Arabic to try and reach everyone. If you were affected by the explosion and need help with your own pet, or know an animal injured from the explosions, we will help you.
Email [email protected]
Whatsapp 70 223 808
Call 01 751 678Our Impact So Far
2 – hours after explosion that team deployed to help
350+ – requests for help we have received from people
289 – people volunteered in the search and rescue and care
73 – animals given veterinary care
52 – animals taken to our shelter
27 – rescued animals currently needing adoption
104 – lost animals reunited with their guardians
2,180 – kilograms of food distributed for affected animals
5,000+ – hours spent on the ground in affected area
Our greatest appreciation and thanks to all of the volunteers, supporters, organizations and friends that have so generously made this lifesaving work possible.
In an absolutely terrible time, you have saved hundreds of animals and brought tears of joy for so many people.

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