“Every piece of jewelry has a story to tell… It is jewelry with a soul” Ancient inspiration has been the signature of LALAoUNIS designs. Maria Lalaouni, the Creative Director at LALAoUNIS today, follows in the footsteps of her father Ilias Lalaounis, jeweler, artist and academician who became world renowned for creating luxurious jewelry steeped in history. Maria embraces ancient art and history with the same appreciation and enthusiasm of her father and keeps the influential jewelry brand at the forefront of contemporary jewelry design. Together with her three sisters, Katerini, Demetra and Ioanna, the four women at the helm of the brand, continue the long jewelry family tradition. They keep their father’s legacy alive and introduce collections that are both innovative and representative of the design principles and unparalleled craftsmanship practiced by their father throughout the years. The latest collection, Aurelia, is inspired by Roman jewelry of the 3rd-7th century AD, famous for detailed and elaborate opus interrasile work; a metalworking technique developed in Rome which involves holes being punched in metal imitating lattice work. Delicate and with ever so slight vintage undertones, the collection Maria has designed is made in brushed 18k gold and sprinkled with diamonds so as to produce an ethereal and at once playful effect. LALAoUNIS designs are about style and inspiration. They blend the traditional with the contemporary in a most harmonious way, resulting in exquisite and timeless creations.

Sold at Sylvie Saliba, Achrafieh, Beirut.