de GRISOGONO Black Book A journey through places that matter

For more than 20 years, Fawaz Gruosi has enjoyed the opportunity to circle the globe and it is the people he meets who make his travel such a rich and vibrant experience. They shape his memories and shed unique light on the inherent significance of the places he visits. He naturally wished to share the wealth of his encounters and the reasons for his deep attachment to some parts of the planet, such as Porto Cervo, Capri, Cannes, Courchevel, Gstaad and St. Moritz. This desire sparked the birth of the jeweller’s Black Book saga. A chance to invite you on a journey to the other side of the looking glass; an intimate look at exclusive resorts long cherished by de GRISOGONO. de GRISOGONO Black Book Gstaad was the first volume of a bold and bright story to be told. In December 2016, the brand’s travel collection will expand to include St.Moritz. Winter tales will whisk you off on a journey to the Swiss Alps. From the Gstaad Palace to the Badrutt’s Palace hotels reigning supreme over the Alps for more than 100 years, across several generations of families, stars, royalty and celebrities, while sweeping over stunning panoramic landscapes, de GRISOGONO brings you its unique perspective on what makes Gstaad and St. Moritz so truly magical. From fabulous runs to après- ski spots, from art works to fashion trends, and from romantic escapes to secret addresses on the peaks, you will feel like a regular as you read stories destined to become firmly imprinted on your mind like childhood memories. To help you sense the inner pulse of every destination, you get to travel alongside notable creative and visionary personalities who share a special bond with the locations they live, visit and love – including peerless establishments offering a culinary journey studded with Gault&Millau, Michelin Guide stars and traditional dishes. Expressing its visionary take on the world, de GRISOGONO is the first luxury brand to launch its Chatbot: a new engagement opportunity and sure-fire conversation starter. This digital means of reinventing client relationships by creating unique real-time dialogue is designed to enhance the conversational experience in such as way as to draw participants naturally into the brand’s inner circle. The de GRISOGONO St.Moritz bot list provides 24/7 tips, insights and recommendations to make each stay memorable. It effectively links resort guests and exclusive places, while helping clients find offers, products, news and events, schedule boutique appointments, make bookings and a whole lot more… de GRISOGONO Chatbot is your new best friend who knows everything there is to know about St. Moritz. Ready to get a fresh, bold and magical perspective on places that are home to de GRISOGONO and will soon become home to you? From December 23rd 2016: 1. 2. Order your complimentary de GRISOGONO Black Book Gstaad & St. Moritz on Find de GRISOGONO’s chatbot and start chatting via Facebook Messenger and Telegram.