Mouawad Diamond Impact Fund’s first milestone in creating bright futures

First group of trainees completes training at Mouawad Bangkok diamond manufacturing facility

Five South African nationals selected by the Mouawad Diamond Impact Fund (MDIF) in collaboration with the South African State Diamond Trader recently completed their training at Mouawad’s Bangkok diamond manufacturing facility. This marks the successful conclusion of the first initiative by MDIF since it was launched in 2019 by 4th and 5th generation Mouawad family members as a new, permanent non-profit, philanthropic initiative.

MDIF is spearheaded by Jimmy Mouawad, who is the 5th generation, son of 4th generation Mouawad Co-guardian Fred Mouawad. Commenting on the completion of training, Jimmy Mouawad said, “MDIF reflects Mouawad’s commitment to adding value to our industry by providing opportunities for people to learn new skills they can deploy back to thrive in their communities.  It has been a great experience to see our first set of trainees gain skills in gemology, diamond cutting and polishing, knowing that they will return to South Africa with a bright future ahead of them.”

All five trainees commented on the skills they had acquired, which range from aspects of craftsmanship to soft skills including communication and teamwork. Ms. Olwethu Nkonyeni, one of the five trainees, commented, “The program has provided me with the building blocks that will help me in the future. I have gained theoretical and practical knowledge. Now I am so excited about the future because I am now confident in my work, and I am ready to make a mark.”

Mouawad’s passion for diamonds, rooted in more than a century of heritage, is embodied in the company’s sourcing of the finest gems from around the world, designing its own jewelry and timepieces that are manufactured in its own workshops. This dedication to the craft led Mouawad to become a De Beers Sightholder, an exclusive privilege giving Mouawad direct and unique access to conflict-free rough diamonds, and to manufacture high-quality diamonds from the rough. Only the finest diamonds are carefully selected before being delicately crafted to maximize their beauty and value by Mouawad’s highly skilled diamond cutters. As the rough stone passes through its journey, it is handled with passion and infinite love, and undergoes 12 quality control points to ensure it lives up to Mouawad’s long-standing promise of excellence.

The Mouawad Diamond Impact Fund focuses its activities on the communities, regions and countries from which Mouawad sources its diamonds. Through supporting under privileged community members in these territories, it adds value to the journey of diamonds from rough to jewelry.

Jimmy Mouawad commented, “As our trainees return to South Africa, we are excited at the opportunities that await them in the diamond industry, knowing that they are now active contributors to MDIF’s vision of creating a world where individuals have better opportunities to thrive and prosper regardless of their race, gender, or socio-economic status.”

This year will also see the launch of MDIF merchandise which will be made available on its website, whose proceeds will go towards supporting MDIF’s activities in the communities, countries, regions and countries from which Mouawad sources its diamonds.


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