GlobeMed Publishes a White Paper about the Importance of Prevention and Care Management Programs in Driving Better Health

GlobeMed, the leading healthcare benefits management group in the Middle East,  published a white paper titled “Improving Care while Battling Costs” about the importance of adopting prevention and care management programs to drive better health outcomes and curb the rising healthcare costs.

The paper sheds light on the significant increase in the number of individuals suffering from chronic conditions, such as diabetes, chronic kidney disease, cardiovascular diseases, etc., particularly in the MENA region.  For instance according to the International Diabetic Federation, over 39 million adults aged between 20 and 79 suffered from diabetes in the MENA region in 2019 and this number is expected to increase to 108 million in 2045.

The paper demonstrates GlobeMed’s experience in prevention and care management programs. GlobeMed has carefully designed a comprehensive, patient-centered care management program for risk carriers and their insured members with chronic conditions. The program aims to help patients control the diseases and avoid the associated complications. Since its launch in 2018 in Lebanon, the program targeting diabetic patients has achieved many successful stories for insured members and risk carriers including:

  • 75% of enrolled individuals suffering from type 2 diabetes showed significant improvement in their HbA1c test results.
  • Around 50% in cost savings has been achieved per individual at the level of inpatient and outpatient claims from 2018 till 2020.

GlobeMed’s care management program employs certified care managers including a team of compassionate nurses and medical doctors who proactively engage insured members and their family members in a personalized care program to improve their health through:

  • Risk evaluation and assignment of personalized care plan
  • Setting interventions, follow-up care and reminders of upcoming medical tests, vaccines, etc.
  • Patient education program
  • Reviews of test results and drug utilization
  • Improved access to healthcare services including admissions support
  • Coaching and support to achieve health goals − 24/7 support line.
  • Digital tools such as GlobeMed Fit app, SMS reminders, etc.

In conclusion, the white paper encourages healthcare systems and risk carriers to adopt care management programs or practices to curb the rising healthcare costs, empower patients and encourage self-management, particularly through facilitating the use of technology, design a variety of educational programs targeting individuals or groups.


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