GlobeMed Egypt Releases the Cancer Bulletin Depicting New Cancer Cases among its Population of insured members

GlobeMed recognizes the importance of spreading awareness about prevention & early detection to halt the spread of cancer. As part of these efforts, GlobeMed has finalized an exhaustive research about cancer in Egypt based on its experience and the information available to GlobeMed Egypt at the date of this study.

The study, with data covering 6 years from 2014 to 2019 on GlobeMed Egypt’s portfolio, revealed notable findings, mainly:

  • Cancer incidence rates are increasing with an overall average annual increase of 6.5%, averaging around 362 new cancer cases per 100,000 persons.
  • Around 20% of all new cancer cases occur in the blood and lymphatic system, followed by the digestive system and breast at about 17% each. Those three locations account for more than 54% of all cancer cases under GlobeMed Egypt experience.

Female population

Breast cancer is the leading type of cancer in women and overall representing 1 in every 6 cases. Leukemia comes in second place followed by lymphoma, colon cancer, brain & nervous system.

Male population

Leukemia tops the list of most likely to occur below 40 years of age, while colon and prostate cancers top the list after the age of 60. Other types of cancer are in the lymphatic system, the brain and the nervous system appearing in males between 20 & 50 years of age.

This study shows that the increase in cancer cases might be due to the increase in the early detection tests as a result of increased awareness programs about cancer. 

Thanks to advances in medical research, remarkable progress is being made against cancer. However, the study is a clear reminder that more effort is needed under prevention and early detection of cancer which significantly increases survival rates and at the same time reduces treatment costs.

To read the full bulletin, please visit GlobeMed Egypt website


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