Chedid Capital Holding runs for a CHANCE at the Beirut Marathon

In support of “CHANCE association (CHildren AgaiNst CancEr)”, Chedid Capital Holding the multi-awarded investment group in insurance and reinsurance broking, joined the Beirut Marathon for the 5th consecutive year, translating a constant belief in giving back to the community through supporting noble causes and the efforts of individuals and organisations initiating a positive collective change.

This year, and for the 14th edition of the Beirut Marathon, Chedid Capital Holding’s family formed of the company’s staff and their children took to the streets of the capital with the thousands of participants committed to inspire unity and promote wellness for the benefit of Lebanon and the Lebanese people.

Running for CHANCE in the 2016 Beirut Marathon reaffirms the company’s testament to its social responsibility and its commitment to promoting and working for human, social, environmental, and economic causes that help the community achieve a better future in each country of Chedid Capital’s operation

“Our very high sense of belonging to the community gives us a permanent will to positively contribute to the well-being of its members, and I am really proud to be beside a passionate group of people running to support CHANCE in the name of our group that is part of the Lebanese social fabric, and that will not miss an opportunity to contribute to initiatives that help protect our community”. said Farid Chedid, Chairman and CEO of Chedid Capital Holding who ran the marathon, before concluding that “running in support of this generous and human cause is a living proof that social commitment can make a real difference”.

Dr Roula Farah-Sayad, President of CHANCE expressed her gratitude to Chedid Capital Holding saying that “the association deeply appreciates the generous contribution made through sponsoring our 2017 calendars, and now running alongside our association. Indeed, having such a successful company on board, supporting our cause is greatly reassuring. We would also like to extend our thanks to all Chedid Capital Holding’s staff members who are giving our children this CHANCE and who share our faith that together we can make a difference because childhood cancer is highly curable”.