We are proud to announce that AROPE Insurance, Member of BLOM Bank Group, has won the prestigious “Innovation of the Year Award” for 2016 at the 3rd middle East Insurance Industry Awards (MIIA) held in Dubai on Tuesday 8 November 2016.

AROPE received this prestigious award for “Allo…Hayete” innovative life-micro-insurance program exclusively available via mobile SMS, as it is the first-of-its-kind in the MENA Region, in addition to AROPE’s several innovations such as AROPE VISA Signature Credit Card, AROPE Mobile Application and others.

For this award, AROPE had made it to the finals back in August, along with 2 other finalists only, and was announced as the Sole Winner of The Innovation of the Year Award after meeting all criteria.


“Allo…Hayete” Program at a glance

“Allo…Hayete” is a micro-insurance plan offered by AROPE for those wishing to benefit from life insurance worth LBP 5,000,000, covering Death resulting from Sickness, Accident, Passive War and Terrorism, and at an adequate cost for people with limited income. This service, which is only available via SMS, allows fixed and prepaid line owners aged between 18 and 60 to join the program regardless of their nationality, provided residing permanently and legitimately in Lebanon.

Subscribing to this program is very easy and doesn’t require filling any application form or document at AROPE Insurance. It can be done by sending a free SMS to 1319 with 1 for a monthly subscription, 2 for a weekly subscription, or 3 for a daily subscription. The cost of this service amounts to $3/month, $0.7/week, or $0.1/day for all ages. “Allo…Hayete” is an extremely flexible program, as it allows its members to amend their payment frequency, change their beneficiary or even cancel their subscription anytime by sending a free SMS in this respect to 1319.

This new service by AROPE results from its ceaseless drive to provide the Lebanese market and all swathes of society with the best and most advanced services, thus making life insurance accessible to everyone in an easy, flexible and adequate manner.


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