Step back in time and taste food from the pages of Maltese and Mediterranean history

Taste of History – The Food Of The Knights Of Malta Step back in time and taste food from the pages of Maltese and Mediterranean history

Malta has an extraordinary history spanning thousands of years, and influenced by numerous civilizations, all of which have left their mark on the island’s tangible and intangible cultural heritage in different ways. Heritage Malta keeps this history alive by introducing Taste History, a new concept to museums on the island. Every tourist can book a private lunch or dinner in the actual venues where Inquisitors, Corsairs and Knights enjoyed various food treats. An opportunity for guests to experience both Maltese taste and Mediterranean history. A professional team, of curators and chefs come together to recreate the paupers’ frugal snacks, the corsair’s celebratory dinner and the merchant’s decadent dessert. The results are as surprising as the flavours which have been brought back to life. To produce such meals, the curators, look for the details in the 18th century documents and manuscripts. Details that give color and flavor to the knowledge we have about what the ancestors ate. As happened back in the 18th century, Heritage Malta brings together foreign influence and spices together with the freshest of local ingredients. Heritage Malta goes to local farms to acquire the most genuine of products from local food producers. Making the meals ethical, sustainable and fresh, while constantly supporting local producers and their families. The biggest inspiration are the museums and sites that Heritage Malta Curates. Within these spaces’ artefacts, documents and paintings help the chiefs to recreate menus from a bygone era. Court records, recipe books, kitchen inventories, butcher bills, and receipts from pasta factories are the building blocks for the inspiration.