Latin fever hits COYA Abu Dhabi Alma Chula band set to bring their upbeat world music to Pisco Bar & Lounge

COYA Abu Dhabi introduces Alma Chula, a special guest band to their Friday night festivities, on 24th January 2020. From 9pm the band, composed around a family structure, will play three sets at Pisco Bar & Lounge for the guests at the venue. Alma Chula call themselves ‘a gypsy and Latin music group’ and hail from Bayonne in the South West of France.
The award-winning family band, consisting of José on vocals, Isidro on choirs and Fredo on lead guitar will revisit Latin music and their traditional music in their own way. They feel that their mix between modernity, traditional, and universal music bridges the gap between cultures and generations. Alma Chula was formed from a real homegrown passion and as young musicians, whenever they met, they would sing, dance and perform. Whilst they stay true to their traditional music, each member of the band brings their own vision to the music which explains the universal dimension of their musical compositions – incorporating flamenco, pop rock and the blues. Pisco Bar & Lounge will host the ultimate Friday night party, with Alma Chula providing their upbeat world music featuring hits from their debut ‘La Gloria’ Album, whilst the COYA bar team mix their signature drinks through the night.

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