World No Tobacco Day

Let’s make every day World No Tobacco Day. Smoking affects you and everybody around you. If you smoke a cigarette, hookah or cigar, you are at higher risk of many diseases including:

  • Lung infections with higher risk of bronchitis and lung cancer
  • Mood swings due to nicotine dependency
  • Early menopause with increased hot flashes
  • Sagging skin and wrinkles
  • Damaged gum and teeth
  • Vision problems with higher risk for glaucoma and cataracts
  • Dull sense of smell and taste
  • Heart and cardiovascular diseases with higher risk for a heart attack
  • Pregnancy and fertility complications
  • Increased risk of several cancers including cancer of the mouth, throat, bladder, and kidneys

Here are some steps to quit smoking for good:

  • Set a date to start your smoke free journey
  • Stay away from cigarettes and live in a smoke-free environment
  • Practice stress reduction techniques such as yoga, exercise, etc.
  • Avoid smoking triggers and use chewing gums every time you feel the urge of smoking
  • Enjoy a healthy lifestyle: eat healthy and exercise
  • Remind yourself of the health benefits of smoking cessation
  • Consult your doctor for nicotine replacements

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