The LAU Medical Center-Rizk Hospital receives a generous donation of $10,000 from the Social and Economy Action for Lebanon (SEAL) in support of its COVID- 19 National Campaign

Beirut, 23rd of July: On Wednesday July 23rd, the Social and Economy Action for Lebanon (SEAL) made a generous contribution of $10,000 to support the LAU Medical Center-Rizk Hospital’s National Campaign to provide free PCR testing to fight the COVID- 19 virus.

The SEAL donation is highly appreciated by the LAU Medical Center-Rizk Hospital at this critical time. It will enable the medical team to continue their mission of fighting the spread of the virus by providing free PCR testing to about 466 people who are unable to afford it and who do not benefit from social security coverage or any health insurance.

The LAU Mobile Clinic was created in March 2020 amidst the COVID- 19 pandemic. It launched its ongoing National PCR testing for COVID- 19 Campaign with the aim of leaving no one behind and offering medical services covering all Lebanese regions, even reaching the most remote areas in the country. To date the LAU Mobile Clinic reached 150 villages providing 6101 free PCR tests, and building the capacity of local health providers to run the tests securely and efficiently.

SEAL is a non-profit, non-political organization founded in 1997 in New York City by a group of Lebanese-Americans who wanted to take action against the severe economic problems facing post-war Lebanon. The NGO focuses on community-driven economic development, supporting underserved communities struggling with unemployment and low income. Due to the deteriorating economic and humanitarian crises in Lebanon, SEAL continues to support its core mission through various initiatives.  

In an effort to accelerate humanitarian relief efforts, SEAL has donated food products grown by farmer grantees. By distributing these essential foods to needy Lebanese families, SEAL is not only providing support to families facing serious hardships, they are also helping to keep these farmers out of the circle of poverty.

In addition to the humanitarian food drives, SEAL is hugely indebted to an anonymous donor who provided funding to support COVID- 19 projects in Lebanon.  Thanks to this generous donation, SEAL is delighted to partner with the Lebanese American University (LAU) to support their efforts in providing PCR testing for the COVID- 19 virus. 

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