Stop the Bleed Sessions for the Lebanese Army; Ongoing ATLS and ATCN sessions

Zeina Kassem: The Army is a guarantee and our commitment to rescue is rooted in our faith in Lebanon

Roads for Life (RFL) held a graduation ceremony in Saadiyat for 105 servicemen from the Lebanese Army’s 8th Brigade who have completed “Stop the Bleed”, a rescue program provided by RFL in collaboration with the Lebanese Chapter of the American College of Surgeons. In a separate ceremony held at the American University of Beirut Medical Center (AUBMC), RFL also delivered certificates to 16 ER physicians and 15 nurses who completed the ATLS and ATCN trauma rescue sessions respectively thanks to the strategic partnerships with Fransabank and Bank Audi.

On this occasion, RFL President Zeina Kassem asserted: “We are committed to [trauma] rescue in Lebanon as we impatiently wait for our country to be reborn. Our commitment towards medical and nursing staff goes hand in hand with our ethical and national obligation towards the military institution, whom we are providing with the latest technology to stop hemorrhages, particularly given the challenges our soldiers face on a daily basis.”

Kassem went on saying: “The Army is a national guarantee and an example of sacrifice. The military are laying their lives down on the line as the ultimate sacrifice [for the nation].”

In conclusion, the RFL president revealed that the association will hold intensive sessions as soon as the situation is stabilized, adding that “the elevated number of road victims calls for renewing our commitment and being ever ready with our partners to save lives in our country.”

The hospitals and entities that took part in the aforementioned sessions were: Ain w Zein Hospital, Bahman Hospital, the Damour Medical Center, the Military Hospital, the Lebanese American University Medical Center, Doctors Without Borders, Al-Rasoul Al-Aazam Hospital, Sheikh Ragheb Harb Hospital, Saint Charles Hospital, Saint George Hospital University Medical Center, the Lebanese University, and AUBMC.


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