Philip Morris Lebanon Implements an Awareness Campaign to Combat Smoking Among Underage Youth

Beirut 2021

Philip Morris Lebanon has launched an awareness campaign targeting the network of retailers throughout the territory. Its aim is to combat smoking among underage youth by preventing their access to tobacco and nicotine products of all kinds.

Through this campaign, Philip Morris Lebanon is contacting retailers to educate them about health laws and penalties that prohibit the sale, distribution and display of tobacco and nicotine products to those under the age of 18. The campaign also urges retailers to adhere to these laws in order to preserve public health and avoid violating applicable laws, regulations and instructions, in addition to enhancing their skills in predicting the consumer’s age and dealing with situations in which they must refuse to make the sale.

As part of the campaign, Philip Morris Lebanon is holding virtual training workshops in addition to distributing awareness posters in stores, in various regions, that hold clear messages and direct instructions not to sell any tobacco products to those under the legal age.

Commenting on the campaign, Philip Morris General Manager in Lebanon, Taylan Suer, said: “We are witnessing the sector’s transformation globally and in Lebanon. With the continued progress of our journey towards a smoke-free future, we pursue our efforts to combat and prevent the consumption and use of tobacco and nicotine products in all their forms by underage youth.”.

It is noteworthy that Philip Morris International has devoted more than $8.1 billion in investments since 2008. It has also dedicated its efforts and energies over the past years to finding better alternatives based on accurate scientifically proven and reliant research for heating tobacco development and technologies that rely on heating tobacco, while eradicating the burning process responsible for smoking-related diseases, on the track to realize its vision of one day completely eliminating traditional cigarettes.

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