Lebanese Fertility Society Launches New #DontDelayYourDream Campaign to Help Families Grow

Beirut, Lebanon – July, 2021. In the weeks leading up to World IVF Day,Lebanese Fertility Society launched a new campaign, in collaboration with Merck, a leading science and technology company, to support couples in making their fertility dreams come true. This campaign aims to raise awareness around infertility, its causes, symptoms, and to remind the public that there is no better time to get started on their fertility journey than the present.

The campaign, #DontDelayYourDream educates the public around the signs for infertility as well as provides emotional support to keep hopes high among patients facing infertility. Many couples have postponed or abandoned their dreams of having a child due to one or a variety of reasons. With this campaign, the Lebanese Fertility Association provides patients with the support needed through a network of trusted professionals and a forum for patients to share experiences.

President of the Lebanese Fertility society professor Georges Abi Tayeh stated: “On average, women are fertile for 6 days a month[1], which equates to only 72 days a year. In order to capitalize on this short fertility window and as part of our commitment to support patients, we want to encourage action now to work towards their goals. Despite challenges that we may be facing as a society, it is important to look towards the future and take the right steps that will make your dream a reality. This is possible with sufficient information, consistent support, and hope.”

Merck General Manager Dr. Hala Sleiman stated : “With this campaign, we wish to encourage patients to hold on to hope and prevail over the difficulties that get in the way of achieving their dreams. This refers to the challenges they may face either physically or emotionally. #DontDelayYourDream empowers people to learn more about their situation and work towards a brighter future.”

This campaign is being communicated through a series of activities including live info-sessions with fertility experts and doctors, educational social media posts, media interviews with doctors as well as videos that give us a glimpse into a patient’s life and information around the IVF process. These activities encourage audiences to consult their doctors on their fertility journey and rely on a network of professionals to support them along the way.

This campaign is being extended to Jordan in collaboration with local fertility associations to support couples across the region in achieving their dreams.

[1] https://www.fertility.com/en/advice-and-support/advice/maximising-your-chances-of-conceiving.html