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Keep Yourself and Others Safe from COVID-19 When Returning to Work

Keep Yourself and Others Safe from COVID-19 When Returning to Work

As people are gradually returning to work after the lockdown is lifted, follow the below tips to prevent the spread of COVID-19 for a healthy and safe return to office: Always ensure safe distance between you and others in the office. Wear face masks particularly in open spaces and when around other people in the

COVID-19 and Type 2 diabetes: regional experts shed light on the latest scientific updates and clinical practices in disease management for patient education

Beirut, Lebanon – 30th June 2020: Boehringer Ingelheim – one of the world’s leading pharmaceutical companies – held a regional media webinar titled ‘Managing Type 2 Diabetes during COVID-19’ with the participation of leading healthcare professionals who provided the latest updates on type 2 diabetes (T2D) management during the pandemic. The regional media event formed

Emirates resumes on-ground services for premium customers

Dubai, UAE, 30 June 2020 – From 1 July, Emirates’ premium customers can once again enjoy the airline’s signature Chauffeur Drive service (CDS) and airport lounge at its Dubai hub with the restart of these services following a full health and safety review. Emirates has implemented a comprehensive set of measures at every step of the

Market Cap of the Leading Pharma Companies Involved in COVID-19 Research Jumped by $51.1bn in Six Months

Pharmaceutical companies taking center stage in the COVID-19 fight have witnessed significant growth in their stock price in the first half of 2020. According to data gathered by AksjeBloggen, the market capitalization of the six leading pharma companies involved in COVID-19 research jumped by $51.1bn in the last six months. With a $15.67bn increase between January

Safe Use of Disinfectants

As businesses are reopening with the COVID 19 lockdown gradually ending, the rush to disinfect may be dangerous though well-intentioned.  Though it is important to disinfect, particularly at the workplace, however exposure to disinfectants may have effects on health. The main symptoms are skin irritation or allergic contact eczema. Less common symptoms are irritative or

#TheRealTest: Launching Lebanon’s anti-stigma campaign

22 June 2020 | Beirut – The Ministry of Public Health (MOPH) through the National Mental Health Programme, Abaad, United Nations Development Programme, the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP), UNICEF and the World Health Organization are joining forces together to break the stigma associated with the novel corona virus (COVID-19). Under the slogan “#TheRealTest”, a

Mental Health as a Priority for UN in Lebanon during COVID-19

Beirut, Lebanon Friday, 19 June 2020 (United Nations) – The COVID-19 pandemic has hit Lebanon at a time of instability, not only affecting physical health, but also increasing stress and anxiety. Those population with vulnerability during this pandemic today are frontline healthcare workers, older people, adolescents and young people, those with pre-existing mental health conditions

LAU Medical Center-Rizk Hospital receives a generous grant of $1.328 million by the American Schools and Hospitals Abroad program

While tremendous work and effort were being put in place to fight the outbreak of COVID-19, the LAU Medical Center-Rizk Hospital’s usual activities were in parallel, still being carried on by teams of dedicated people. Recently, the LAU Health Foundation received a generous grant of $1.328 million from ASHA, the American Schools and Hospitals Abroad program,