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The Brain Destination A full-fledged center for mental health solution in Lebanon

The Brain Destination A full-fledged center for mental health solution in Lebanon

The Brain Destination has a full mental health issues solution from psychology, psychomotor therapy, speech therapy, life Coaching, NLP, to Nutrition. It also provides training workshops in parental guidance and business development. This new center located in Saida, Helaleyah, is ready to help anyone with the following needs: psychotherapy, psychomotor therapy, speech therapy, pediatric medicine,

Heat Prevention: Fun Under the Sun

When the sun shines, fun is on everyone’s agenda but be careful of too much fun under the sun as heat might cause: • Sunburns; • Heat stroke, heat exhaustion and heat cramps; • Dehydration; • Formation of blood clots that block arteries and veins leading to heart and brain severe injuries; • Aggravation of

“Sacré-Coeur” Hospital Inaugurates the Maternity Ward

The new unit aims to provide better medical services to the community Beirut, July 5, 2019: Following its strategic plan for modernization and expansion, the maternity ward of “Sacré-Coeur” Hospital has recently been refurbished. The move comes as a reflection of the hospital’s mission of providing better healthcare relentlessly, so the inhabitants of the surrounding

LGB BANK sponsors the Cancer Support Fund

As part of its ongoing commitment to cater the needs of the Lebanese citizen, LGB BANK sponsored a ceremony organized by the Cancer Support Fund of the American University of Beirut Medical Center (AUBMC) which took place at the Pine Residence in the presence of high profile community leaders and numerous fund supporters. LGB BANK’s

trakMD, the Lebanese Dental Association’s digital choice of communication with all registered dentists

Beirut, July 2, 2019: trakMD, the revolutionary digital platform created to improve patients’ healthcare experience, announces that it is now an official partner of the Lebanese Dental Association (LDA), where it has has become the LDA’s digital choice of communication with all registered dentists. trakMD is working on several other partnerships within the Lebanese health

MOPH launches the national campaign to raise awareness on Hypertension Awareness & taking actions are means to fight this silent killer

Beirut, Lebanon- June 2019: Under the patronage of his Excellency, Dr. Jamil Jabak- Minister of Public Health- MOPH launched its national campaign aiming at raising awareness on Hypertension. The campaign titled “Measuring your blood pressure should be an immediate measure “was announced through a press conference that took place in the Ministry and was attended

Importance of Fluoride for Teeth

Fluoride helps prevent tooth decay by making the tooth more resistant to acid attacks from plaque bacteria and sugars in the mouth. It also reverses early decay. It is a mineral found naturally in many foods and water. In children during tooth development, fluoride helps teeth to have shallower grooves which helps reduce plaque and

Skin Cancer Awareness Day at LAU Medical Center- Rizk Hospital

BEIRUT- June 18, 2019: LAU Medical Center Rizk Hospital organized for the second year in a row a Skin Cancer Awareness Day as part of its constant pursuit to regularly encourage the public to take the necessary health precautions. LAU Medical Center-Rizk Hospital invited media, hospital visitors patients and residents, to get free screening for

Dr Burgener at Four Seasons Hotel Beirut’s Spa

Dr Burgener Switzerland is an exclusive and revolutionary Swiss brand focusing on face and body products for ultimate luxury and yet remaining environmentally friendly where possible. What started in 1955 by Dr. Marc Burgener, the father in law of Dr. Pauline Burgener as a clinic in Lausanne, Switzerland and in collaboration with Dr. Nicholas Chami

GFN Global Public Health Experts: Reduced Risk Smoking Substitute Drive Cancer Rates Down Up to 70% in Sweden, England, and Denmark

Asserting the claim that disruption will soon highlight the world of Tobacco globally, Dr. David Sweanor, British public health expert, revealed that cancer rates are drastically decreasing in countries where consumers have switched to smoking substitutes. Sweanor concurred that in both Sweden and England, cancer rates dropped 70% and 40% respectively after a large number