The Continental Group launches podcast featuring experts’ advice and tips on becoming financially savvy and secure

‘The Dollars, Dirhams and Our Two Financial Cents’ podcast series has been designed by Continental Group to spread financial awareness, by inviting experts and leading thinkers to share their expertise and knowledge on wealth creation, planning and preservation; and create an accessible platform for those seeking information on how to secure their financial future.

  • Titled ‘The Dollars, Dirhams and Our Two Financial Cents’ podcasts by Continental Group
  • Spreads financial awareness as experts and leading thinkers share knowledge on wealth creation, planning and preservation
  • Creation of an accessible information platform to secure their financial future
  • Available on Audible, Apple, Listen Notes and TuneIn

July 16th, Dubai, UAE: The Continental Group, a leading insurance intermediary, and financial services solutions provider in the GCC region, has launched a podcast, aimed at creating awareness among those wishing to secure their financial future. ‘The Dollars, Dirhams and Our Two Financial Cents’ podcast series has been designed to share advice and tips on current trends – from experts on wealth creation, planning and preservation – with anyone who wants to be more financially savvy.

“Our objective, through ‘The Dollars, Dirhams and Our Two Financial Cents’ podcast, is to educate the audience on the importance of financial planning, and to help them in wealth creation, planning and preservation journey”, says Anselm Mendes the Executive Director, Sales and Technology, at the Continental Group, who is also the host of the podcast.

“We are addressing subjects that are topical, such as emerging digital investment classes, the post-pandemic investment scenario, educating women on being financially independent, and addressing key issues and challenges investors are facing in their financial planning journey, and helping them bridge the gap. Our goal is to help individuals get clear on their financial goals and assist them create a plan in achieving them. Most importantly, the format is accessible for all kinds of individuals, whether they already have substantial experience, or are just beginning to take charge of their financial future”.

The first four episodes of the podcast reinforce The Continental Group’s emphasis on some of the most commonly asked queries, in the current financial climate. The podcasts are available on Audible, Apple, Listen Notes and TuneIn.

Episode 1 – Guest speaker Abhishek Datta, an Independent Financial Advisor who sheds some light on the impact of the pandemic on one’s financial plans, cryptocurrencies, and living a debt free well planned financial life

Episode 2 features Amrita Sethi, a financial advisor, the first NFT artist in the UAE , and award-winning multi-media tech artist – who talks about NFT her views on the revolutionary change NFT art will bring into the traditional art market, her journey into NFT art, and everything one wants to ever know about NFT Art.;

Episode 3 – Financial advisor Aadil Kadri the guest speaker in shares the importance of record-keeping and consolidation of one’s assets and wealth and help the money reach the hands of our loved ones at the right time, so they don’t become part of the $109 billion reported as unclaimed money by banks, insurance companies and financial institutions around the globe.

Episode 4 – ‘Girls Just Wanna Have Fund$’ features return-guest Amrita Sethi, talking about the unique challenges women face with money and financial planning,  importance of financial planning for women, and covers personal finance advice for women – and men – at any stage of their life.

“We’ve received a lot of feedback from listeners, and are extremely happy with the response to the initial episodes” adds Anselm. “As an organisation, we are driven by the philosophy of building lifelong multi-generational relationships with our customers, by providing them and their families with personalised bespoke solutions. ‘The Dollars, Dirhams and Our Two Financial Cents’ podcast is an extension of this approach where we wish to educate, assist and help every individual plan for a financially secure tomorrow.

“The format is such that there is, quite literally, a ‘wealth’ of information in every podcast”, Anselm concludes. “As the host, each episode is an enlightening experience for me, and we are looking forward to addressing more topical subjects moving forward, which will help our audience be better informed, and more secure, in their financial lives.  

Podcasts available at:–Economics-Podcasts/Dollars-Dirhams-and-our-two-financial-cents-p1416197/

About Anselm Mendes

Anselm Mendes is the Executive Director, Sales and Technology, at the Continental Group, a leading solutions provider in insurance and financial services. In a career spanning over 20 years, Anselm has held roles in sales, marketing, corporate communications, advertising, and business development. Following stints with TATA AIG Life Insurance, Zee Network and the Hinduja Group in India, Anselm began his journey with the Continental Group as the Head of Marketing in 2007, before rising through the ranks to become the Executive Director, in 2018. His business acumen, innovative thinking, and learning agility are reflected in many positive outcomes, demonstrated by the organisation’s growth and evolution over the years. A lifelong learner, Anselm earned a certificate from the prestigious MIT Sloan School of Management in 2018 in the area of Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning and is a proud member of the American Marketing Association (AMA). Anselm is also a member of the Advisory Board of the CMO Council for the MENA region.

About Continental Group

The Continental Group is a leading insurance intermediary and financial services solutions provider in the GCC region. Licensed by the Insurance Authority, and the Securities and Commodities Authority (SCA) of the UAE, the company represents reputed multinational and local insurance and financial institutions. Founded in 1995, Continental is the brainchild of Ashok Sardana, who built the company on three pillars: Integrity, insight and innovation. Continental’s unparalleled industry experience, embodied by a team of over 300 highly-qualified professionals, has enabled its expansion across Europe, Middle East and Asia. Its stellar track record of fostering long-term, meaningful relationships with customers is rooted in its ability to provide tailor-made, personalized solutions. A household name for all insurances—auto, employee benefits, life, medical, and home—Continental has also been actively advocating for ESG investing, financial inclusion and wellbeing, through its popular podcast.

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