SGBL and L’Orient-le Jour reward the winners of Génération Orient

Six months after the launch of Génération Orient the cultural project, a partnership between SGBL and L’Orient-le Jour, the closing of the first season and the awards ceremony took place at the O1NE in the presence of the artists and a large audience. Painter Hala Ezzedine was handed the 1st prize from SGBL’s Deputy CEO Philippe Dubois; dancer Ali Chahrour received the 2nd prize while the 3rd prize was finally attributed to designer Marc Dibeh.

With « Génération Orient », both SGBL, a partner of ‪‎Culture and Youth, and l’Orient-Le Jour, the daily newspaper of reference, are catalysts of young artistic talents, highlighting every month their ‪art and their passion. Thus, during 6 months, we had the chance to know and assess the story and the path of six young artists in various fields: Mir Jean Bou Chaaya (movies), Rayya Morcos (fashion), Hala Ezzedine (painting), Ali Chahrour (dance), Marc Dibeh (design) et Blu Fiefer (music). The winners were then selected with 50% on facebook and 50% by a jury of experts as well as representatives from both OLJ and SGBL.

During the closing ceremony, Philippe Dubois, SGBL’s Deputy CEO, said: ” With the Génération Orient project, we confirm our commitment to support these passionate young talents, to promote art in Lebanon and hence to convey the message that carries the artistic, abundant, free and brilliant creation, that gathers and unites a wide and varied audience, that stimulates thoughts on our world and our society, and thereby calls for change.”

Congratulations to the winners and the competing artists and time for the second edition of Génération Orient!