Moustasharoun Bureau

Moustasharoun Bureau organized, last week, an international workshop with EMPACTA, the Association of International Auditors, which includes more than 40 international Auditors from all Over the world, for 3 consecutive days at Victory Hotel, Byblos.


Moustasharoun Bureau was awarded the “Arch Of Europe” in Quality & Technology in Platinum Category, in July of this year in Frankfurt, Germany and also hold the ISO 9001:2008 for Quality Management since 2013 by Bureau Veritas.


This event, like the previous one, underscores the constant vision of Moustasharoun in developing the capabilities of the team on the one hand and Lebanon’s participation in

This unique experience with international organizations where members exchange their vision and experience in the field of accounting and internal auditing.


The first day dealt with the issue of remote account monitoring and how to use the latest technology to do modern Accounting tasks in hazardous and dangerous areas which could not be carried out 10 years ago, especially when using the Internet technique, telecommunications and smartphones, in addition to the Popular Apps for Google Earth and other. This lecture was given by Professor Thomas Werner from Germany.


On the second day, Professor Frank Fable tackled the development of the “Accounting quality standards” concept across history and how this concept varies from country to another, where many International organizations try to develop international standards of quality, Provision of services, especially accounting services and auditing.


On the third day, Professor Anatol Pashuti of the Republic of Congo presented a summary of how accounting services are impacted and reviewed in the business environment, especially in countries experiencing security, economic and political tensions, and stressed on the importance of accountability to accountants for minimum standards of quality and integrity despite all.


At the end of the third day, Professor Nicolaus Knopfler, the dean at Berlin College and representative of Volkswagen on Ethics and Integrity, where he discussed a challenging and interesting lecture about the difference of the principle of integrity and ethics in different societies.

It is also worth mentioning that the General Assembly of Empacta in Byblos has been held for two consecutive days. The Assembly made a number of decisions in the framework of activating the participation of all the members of the organization and Moustasharoun bureau had an efficient role in several resolutions, the most important of which is the organization of the next workshop in Germany with the participation of all EMPACTA members without exceptions.