Infographic: 75% Spend More Time on Social Media Since Corona, Facebook Benefits By Far the Most

  • 75% of Germans using social media more since Corona
  • 3 most used services part of Facebook group
  • High Google search volume for Facebook shares
  • Facebook market value 4.5% higher than before the Corona Stock market crash
  • Twitter shares lose 19.9% over the same period

Since the outbreak of the Corona pandemic, 75% of German Internet users have been spending more time on social media. As a new infographic from shows, this is benefiting above all the Facebook group. The three most-used services by far, WhatsApp, Facebook and Instagram, belong to the Menlo Park-based company.

The proportion of those spending more time in social media is highest among 16-29 year old. Here, 86% report that the Corona crisis has given their media consumption a boost. Yet even among 50-64 year-olds, 74% are stepping up their use of social media platforms.

Immediately after the initial restrictions were imposed in March, Facebook user numbers climbed by almost one million. In the same month, 38.35 million Germans were active on the platform, compared to 37.43 million the previous month. Google search volumes for the company’s securities reached an annual high – the Google trend score for “Facebook shares” is currently at 94, with a value of 100 representing the highest possible demand.

Meanwhile, Facebook shares are trading even higher than before the stock market crash on 19th February, having gained 4.5% since then. Over the same period, the DAX and Dow Jones indices lost 7.7% and 10.8% respectively. A look at Twitter shows that not every company in the social media sector is profiting from the Corona crisis: their stock market value has plummeted by up to 19.9% since 19th February.

“Although Facebook took a hit in advertising revenues, not least at the beginning of the Corona crisis,” explains Kryptoszene analyst Raphael Lulay, “the Group is now seeing a return thanks to increased user activity.”

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