Creditbank launches the first MasterCard Contactless Sticker payment solution in Lebanon

Beirut, Lebanon, May 6 2014: Creditbank, in collaboration with MasterCard has today announced the launch of the MasterCard Contactless Sticker payment solution in Lebanon, a first for this market. The announcement was made today at an event that was attended by representatives of Creditbank, MasterCard, CSC Bank, Unilux and Gemalto.

The Creditbank MasterCard Contactless Sticker is a smart, mobile and secure way to pay and is faster than using cash or waiting for change. The MasterCard Contactless Sticker uses MasterCard contactless technology and it allows any personal item to be converted into a payment tool. Creditbank customers just need to attach the innovative tag on their mobile phones or even an identity card or driver’s license and start using it to shop at all merchant locations with MasterCard contactless payment terminals.

“The Creditbank MasterCard Contactless Sticker payment solution that we launch today is an innovation that will transform and redefine the world of mobile payments. This solution will make low-value purchases exceedingly simple by converting any mobile phone of any generation into a credit card which can then be used to make easy and fast contactless payments.   We are delighted to collaborate with Creditbank, Gemalto, CSC and Unilux to launch this first of its kind payment solution in Lebanon. These are exciting times for the people of Lebanon and we are honored to be part of this positive change that will help drive the future growth of Lebanon’s payment landscape,” said Basel El tell, Market Manager for Levant, MasterCard.

The Creditbank’s retail division first spotted the contactless sticker a few years back in Europe and saw its huge potential in terms of technological advancement and customer comfort. As a result, the Bank decided to bring the solution to the Lebanese market , which is known for its high adoption rates of new technology .

Mr. Tarek Khalifé, Chairman of the Board, Creditbank, commented: “Innovation has always been regarded a core value at Creditbank. It is intrinsic part of the bank’s new corporate identity and logo, which were launched in early 2014. Two pillars make up the bank’s corporate essence. First of all, the ability to listen and understand the customer’s every need and, secondly, to act upon his or her wishes with enthusiasm and professionalism. Creditbank therefore is continuously on the lookout to make the banking experience a more personalized and comfortable experience.”

The bank’s slogan “People you can bank on” is more than a brand promise: it is the promise on which all business is conducted and concluded.


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