Tony Ward | Interlude: RTW FW21/22

What’s more interesting than the film itself?

The Behind the scenes,

The adrenaline rush,

The re-runs,

That feeling of getting the script right.

The world of Cinematography & filmmaking has always been an inspiration to Tony Ward.

Beyond the movie itself… 

The genuine scenes before editing them to a full film.

Introducing “Interlude”

The Ready-to-Wear Fall/Winter 2021/22 collection.

Vintage strobe lights flickered through the pieces, 

adding a dramatic punch to the dark scenes.

Hot fuchsia, deep purple, emerald green, midnight blue and black.

Theatrical suits & capes, sculptural pieces, slits & feathers, Voluminous skirts…

Embark in the era of Hollywood glam and French classics,

Where the raw shots on the filmstrips are more interesting than the movie itself.


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