Pulse Of The People

It’s July 6.

11.30AM Paris time

Lights on, Music up…

But we’re not on the runway…  & not in Paris Haute Couture Week.

We’re in Beirut. In our Ateliers.  With our Team.

The magical hands are sketching, creating, stitching….

The collection will be out… but not now. Soon.

The Tony Ward House has taken the decision to drift from the Fashion calendar and go its own way, following its own rhythm.

During the rough time the world is going through, the designer had to adapt to this global slowdown by either slowing the pace or reducing the team.

Is being on the runway with the exciting sounds of a fashion show, but with fewer pulses in the Ateliers a must now?

It was time to shift priorities to what really matters & support the team that kept this pulse going.

Instead, he chose to keep each of these magical hands, to create newness & to create Hope…

In a world far from being normal… “The show must go on” but in a different way this time.

What’s Next?



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