Italian born label TATRAS releases a new collection in collaboration with the popular sports brand FILA.

The brand【TATRAS】offers the top level quality and most sophisticated fashion pieces in the world.

This time, TATRAS is releasing collaboration items with sportwear brand【FILA】, which is popular amongst all generations for its usability in daily life.

We have a selection of items with an accent of big tricolor TATRAS logo that embraces the symbol of FILA.

This collection is announced in two stages : Vol.1 and Vol.2.

The items that were launched on June 5th as Vol. 1 consist of Cap and T-shirt, which are the protagonists of the upcoming season.

Vol.1 items are available on sale at TATRAS corners in department stores in Japan, and exclusively for Italy at the TATRAS Milanese flagship store in Via Della Spiga 3, as well as on its online retail stores. Furthermore, Hoodie and Shoes will be released as Vol.2. in the middle of July.

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