Huang Lu dressed by Yumi Katsura at 2019 Cannes Film Festival

Chinese Actress Huang Lu featured in “Roubaix, une lumière”, attending the movie premiere at 2019 Cannes Film Festival, wearing a Yumi Katsura gown.

About Yumi Katsura
Yumi Katsura, one of the most famous and influential designer in Japan, pioneer of Western culture, she has revisited the wearing of the kimono by including a zest of modernity and by using original fabrics. She knew how to combine traditions, ancient Japanese art with the techniques and expertise of Parisian couture. She modernizes how to wear Japanese women’s kimono by removing it from its traditional codes of use. 

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About Huang Lu
Huang Lu is a Chinese actress. A graduate of the Beijing Film Academy, Huang debuted in director Li yang’s Blind Mountain, where she played a young college student sold into sexual slavery in a mountain village in northern China. She has since acted in Cai Shangjun’s The Red Awn in a supporting role.

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