Highlights of day two, Arab Fashion Week Mens

Dubai, 30 January 2021
The second day of the first Men’s Fashion Week in the Middle East has highlighted 5 regional and international designers who premiered their fashion films for fall-winter 2021/22. 
Presented by the Fédération de la Haute Couture et de la Mode (FHCM) on the Arab Fashion Week Men’s Official calendar, the Parisian creative label has combined fashion and societal culture. Tailoring being at the heart of their creation, aiming to redefine masculinity in the society. Tinted with punk DNA their mainly male wardrobe, by its design, adapts to all body types and all ages. EGONlab therefore claims to be a “genderless” brand with the motto “BE WHO YOU ARE, WEAR WHAT YOU WANT”. Aware of ecological and environmental issues is one of their goals to create unique and timeless pieces by shape & design.   
The Italian label, Behnoode has showcased on the second day of the Arab Fashion Week Mens a collection titled the “Masculine Femininity” highlighting the androgynous acceptance of inclusion and diversity. 
According to the label, 2020 has taught us that unity is more important than division. 
Behnoode’s fall winter 2021/22 collection explores gender neutrality and cultural acceptance. Human strength and resilience were accelerated in 2020 and after all the challenges the world went through the one thing that became certain is that “United we stand, Divided we fall” said the brand’s founder Behnood Javaherpour. The inspiration for BEHOONDE latest collection was the triumph of humanity united during these turbulent times. This season’s collection incorporates both men’s and women’s wear. “2021 brings in new hope and confidence with a strong sense of empowerment. My suits reflect this positive attitude and what could be more empowering than a woman also wearing a power suit too” said Behnood Javaherpour, Behnoode’s Founder. 
EMERGENCY ROOMLaunched by Eric Mathieu Ritter in 2018 in Beirut after a coming-to-senses of the both urgent and emergent state of fashion nowadays, EMERGENCY ROOM is a clothing brand with a mind of its own. Stemming from the belief that fashion production processes urgently need to change, EMERGENCY ROOM utilizes a sustainable and ethical alternative to clothing creation. EMERGENCY ROOM uses unique vintage materials and dead-stock fabrics that are locally sourced to create one-of-a-kind pieces, providing a conscious and authentic ready-to-wear-line.  All items are produced in different workshops and cooperatives throughout Lebanon, inviting differently skilled artisans to participate in the process, all the while lobbying for grass roots change in the industry, in its own way. 

The Lebanese label has showcased a fashion film produced in Beirut which paid tribute to the current situation in Lebanon and the street behaviour amid the latest changes. Emergency Room has broken the limit and created a voice of its own that stand with creatives and showcases the fashion industry changes alongside what world is passing through. 
COUNCIL TALKS x ALLYSON PORTEE/ FASHION CONTRIBUTOR TO FORBESJacob Abrian, Founder & Chief Executive of the Arab Fashion Council in conversation with Allyson Portee, Fashion Contributor to Forbes talked about the digital fashion week’s impact on the business market and how Men’s Fashion Week will contribute to the retail market in the Middle East; in addition to, Allyson’s advice for emerging brands into their journey in building a fashion empire. 
VELSVOIRThe London based brand Velsvoir has showcased a collection titled “The Archive Therapy” with a statement “In an era of athleisure, tailoring is the ultimate form of rebellion”.
 Velsvoir’s “Archive Therapy” explores the connection between the senses and takes a journey of self-discovery along the past, present and future. The importance of sound is paramount. In a sea of visuals, it is a channel for internal alignment, defining a personal journey, tuning into oneself. Whilst often uncomfortable, it nurtures discovery through different frequencies, each stanza conveying its own story.  
The Velsvoir gentleman has always manoeuvred the modern world with gusto but at this juncture we have paused. To reflect, to take a look back and build on the present and before processing what the future holds.  With sustainability in design at the forefront of Velsvoir from the very beginning, this exploration charters the importance of creating only on consumption.  
The brand premiered a fashion film which explores the themes above and the interplay with modernism, the juxtaposition of want and need. The film scenes illustrated a nod to the brand’s heritage, blended with tones of the future to show that the archives still live and breathe in an era of athleisure where tailoring seems to be the ultimate form of rebellion. 
LGN, LOUIS GABRIEL NOUCHI Presented by the Fédération de la Haute Couture et de la Mode (FHCM) on the Arab Fashion Week Men’s Official calendar, the Parisian fashion label has closed the second day of the fashion week in an artistic note showcasing a LIVE DANCE PERFORMANCE BY COMPANY SOHRAB CHITAN.Finding its inspiration in Iiterature, LGN collection this seasons is based on the novel The Trial by Franz Kafka. The book was published after the author’s death. It relates the tribulations of Joseph K. who awakes one morning, and for some obscure reason, is arrested and brought before justice. The neutral recreate the ambiance of a cold, administrative office space. The blacks and beiges of the courtroom dress code are accompanied by nuances of camel and blue grey cinder. The smoky green recalls the neon lights overhanging of administrative waiting rooms. The forms are inspired by the pieces described in Kafka’s work: rigid suits, tidy vests, fluid white shirts. The cuts are generous and comfortable, so as to make more bearable the interminable wait in line. These new uniforms permit men and women to confront both in and outside the home. The elegant sweatpants are multi-purpose. Knits, one of the label’s signature techniques, are inspired by the felts and carpets found in these spaces. Contrasting with the suppleness of the cloth, they allow for the design of structured garments of sportswear construction. The asymmetric opening of the neckline, another of the label’s signature elements, recurs throughout the collection: incorporated into coats to shirts to even pants, the feature becomes functional and serves as pockets or as a way to access them. Beyond the pragmatic, it is an invitation to touch, as well as a witness to the absurd violence present in Kafka’s novel. The prints harken back to the images of «film noir» as the lighting of window blinds adds a false perspective on the sturdier cats and oversized shirts, recalling clothes thrown over chairs and discolored by the sun. Under the circumstances of the current moment, troubled by the social repercussions which have disproportionately affected the world of the performing arts, Louis Gabriel Nouchi wishes to celebrate the world of dance through the choreography of Sohrab Chitan and the music of Sara singer. In a game of infinity mirrors, they construct an image of a crowd and return the human being and the living body to the center of our intentions. This season, LGN Louis Gabriel Nouchi collaborates with the acclaimed French brand Christian Louboutin for shoes. 
LAZOSCHMIDL at 8.00 pm Dubai Time
VROPARDO at 8.15 pm Dubai time
VALETTE STUDIO  at 8.30 pm Dubai time
COUNCIL TALKS x Diane Pernet (Part One) at 8.40 pm Dubai time
RONI HELOU at 8.50 pm Dubai time
COUNCIL TALKS x Diane Pernet (Part Two) at 8.55 pm Dubai time
MICHAEL CINCO at 9.15 pm Dubai time

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