The sun is out again and it is time to re-emerge and bask in its warm radiance. She is ready to absorb its golden rays and activate its revitalizing energy. Rather naturally, she is drawn outside to gardens blossoming with jasmine and gardenias, to the water’s edge looking toward the indigo horizon that holds such infinite promise.

ELIE SAAB RESORT 2022 is made for capricious fun and whimsical pleasure. The diverse collection is ready to accompany these airy and spirited women whatever thrilling revelry they bring to being. From pleated gowns with thigh-high slits in uplifting pops of mandarin red, green sheen, and electric blue, to black and white sailor-inspired ensembles with gold monogram buttons, each piece exhibits a pronounced femininity that accentuatestheir strong, playful and sophisticated essences, all in the same breath.

Their pursuit translates through their engagement in life. They turn heads and capture attention in a number of looks highlighted by varying volumes and flattering silhouettes. Sporty shorts and bomber jackets blooming in vibrant floral prints are paired with black monogram hats for the warm glow of day. Ruffled layered tulle flock day dresses play with translucency, dramatic fringed accents, and relaxed jersey ensembles, allow for ease of movement.

Their wardrobe is filled with a variety of visions, to comfortably dress all their desires. Fluid black and white horizontal stripes move like waves, softening defined lines and leaving behind a confident impression. An airy golden knit crop top paired with a black, white, and gold vertical striped skirt allow for a breezy transition from day to eve, allowing the mind to wander and dream into the depths of the horizon. Like awakening stars, the women shimmer and shine in dazzling beaded tulle dresses in moving vertical motion and organic flower outlines. They end their day dancing into the sunset, looking as graceful, alluring, and effortless.

ELIE SAAB’s RESORT 2022 collection inspires an endless play to welcome changing seasons, fresh beginnings and new realities, together.


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