In a world without borders, “home” continues to have a special meaning: feelings, and memories, that are always cherished. In the wake of these sensations, Corporate Brand Maison and ELIE SAAB proudly announce the inauguration of the ELIE SAAB Maison showroom in Beirut, the designer’s hometown. The boutique, launched in collaboration with AD Home, opens a year after the first one, which was inaugurated in September 2020, in Milan.

The showroom is located on Omar Daouk Street, in the heart of the Lebanese capital, Beirut Central District, next to the ELIE SAAB Brand Headquarters. A location with a remarkable exposure, on the ground floor of a building with historical and architectural identity.

“Since the start, the idea behind the ELIE SAAB Maison collection was to transfer into design objects the most intimate aspects of Lebanese values, which is based on the home, on a precise idea of hospitality, and welcoming. The opening of the showroom in Beirut has a significant symbolic meaning, which today acquires a second meaning: it is a tribute to precious beliefs, to the beauty of the place that we call “home”. But, it also contains a clear message of encouragement, of hope for a better future.”Thus Elie Saab.

“This opening represents a very important step for ELIE SAAB Maison, not only in terms of international development of a project that had announced, from the start, a series of openings in key locations for the Brand. The Beirut showroom pays homage to the city in which the Brand was born, and intends to underline the deep bond that links it to the Maison collection, born with the idea of gathering all the extraordinary codes – both aesthetic and of values –  which have made ELIE SAAB so popular in the Haute Couture world, seamlessly. AD Home is the ideal partner for us, since it shares the spirit and lifestyle of the Brand.”Affirms Massimiliano Ferrari, President of Corporate Brand Maison.

The Beirut showroom features an area of about 400 m2, divided into rooms that have undergone impressive renovation, framed by columns and arches that graze the ceilings over five meters high. The ideal space in which to host the different environments that the collection represents, with all the finishing accessories: two dining areas, two sleeping areas and a large lounge, embellished with carpets, lighting products and textile accessories.

The showroom’s concept – just like for the existing spaces in Milan, London and Dubai – was developed by the Creative Director of Corporate Brand Maison, Carlo Colombo, and his team. Every aspect has been studied to create beauty: the refined and elegant environments have been treated in every single detail, with the goal of transmitting at first glance an immersive sensation of luxury, sought-after, style, through a skilful selection of materials, from the stones chosen for the floors to the ornaments, textiles and metals, fully reflecting the sophisticated DNA of the Brand. The showroom is like a portal through which you enter the world of ELIE SAAB, breathing in the brand in its entirety.

Corporate Brand Maison has in store an impressive international development plan for ELIE SAAB Maison, which will be implemented in the coming months; the openings of the spaces in Milan, London, Dubai and now that of Beirut underline the strategic vision that will continue to be developed in the near future. 2021 is an ambitious year, in which 20 openings are planned, including showrooms and areas dedicated to the Brand, created in collaboration with exclusive partners, focusing initially on the Middle and Far East, the main European capitals, and the western and eastern coasts of the United States.


Elie Saab founded the eponymous label in 1982, when he was only 18 years old. Since then, ELIE SAAB Maison has established itself as one of the leaders in the Haute Couture category, internationally, with ateliers based in Paris and Beirut. Since then, ELIE SAAB has continued to grow thanks to its original savoir-faire and the innate elegance for which it is appreciated, expanding into the prêt-à-porter categories, in the creation of wedding dresses, accessories, eyewear and fragrances. Thanks to the recent adventure in the world of home decor and interior design, with the new MAISON line, ELIE SAAB enters the ranks of the most important fashion and lifestyle brands in the global luxury sector.



CB Maison is the division of the Group specialized in brand extension projects in the furniture and hospitality sectors, dedicated to prestigious international fashion and automotive brands. The services offered by CB Maison, tailored to the specific needs of its customers and their development goals, focuses on two areas: the design, production and marketing of home decor collections; the development of advanced initiatives in the branded real estate sector, from the planning phase up to the delivery phase, thanks to a network of exclusive global partners who have been operating in this sector for years.



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