We are happy to announce the launch of BOYFRIEND‘s latest collection: 

“Sajeen” by Amine Jreissatiand the launch of the brand’s first E-shop:     

Inspired by a famous song, “Wayhet Eli Rahou”, translating to “I swear on the lives of those who have gone” (a song written by Mansour Rahbani and sang by Houda, Fairuz’s sister and Hiba Tawaji) whose last word in the lyrics is “Sajeen” (Prisoner) made it so accurate and relevant to what we are living and feeling today.

 It was then obvious to Amine that BOYFRIEND had to shout out, and loud.

This collection is built on collaborations with Lebanese businesses only, involving and exposing Lebanese talents, whether designers, models, photographers, videographers, or directors, embroiders, pattern makers etc.