adidas inspires self-expression in sport with new varsity-style jacket

  • A contemporary take on the traditional letterman jacket, VRCT celebrates the heritage of team pride
  • James Harden, Mette Towley, Paulo Dybala, Denise Schindler, and Ning Zetao have created their own patches, each featuring a word that represents their personal story

Beirut, Lebanon- September 2019 – adidas unveils the VRCT jacket, a fresh take on the classic varsity look that celebrates the team pride and self-expression. Paying homage to the traditional letterman jacket, VRCT features a patch that invites athletes to show the world who they are.

Designed to be worn before and after training, VRCT takes reworks an iconic design for a classic bomber aesthetic with a sleek, modern fit. Featuring flexible, lightweight material, the jacket offers maximum freedom of movement, while a soft double-knit fabric enables year-round wearability.

To inspire creativity and self-expression, the VRCT jacket features a classic adidas ‘A’ team patch that can be interchanged. Athletes can choose a word selected by some of adidas’ leading creators including James Harden, Denise Schindler, Mette Towley, Paulo Dybala, and Ning Zetao. Each athlete worked collaboratively with adidas to create a patch that represents what they stand for and their own personal story.

  • NBA MVP James Harden – FAMILY

The inspiration behind his confidence and personal style, shaping him into the person he is today.

  • Paralympic cyclist Denise Schindler – I’MPERFECT

Challenging the notion of perfection in society by overcoming near-impossible odds.

  • Artist and dancer Mette Towley – AUTHOR

Of her own life and story.

  • Juventus football player Paulo Dybala – SACRIFICE

Made by him and his family to allow him to achieve all that he has.

  • Former world champion swimmer Ning Zetao – BRAVE

For every time he has stood up for what he believes in.

James Harden, NBA MVP said: “Sport is about showing the world who you are, and my style on and off the court has always been a big part of how I do that. VRCT takes the iconic varsity design and makes it a canvas for self-expression.”

The VRCT Jacket will be available from 12 September 2019 in stores.


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