Partnership | Musicians on a Mission | Live Charity Concert | Sunday June 7th, 2020

Stay at Home Charity Concert “Musicians on a Mission” for the NGO “Sa3ed Tas3ad” or “Heart of Giving”.

The concert, without an audience, is featuring Lebanese operatic soprano singer HIBA AL KAWAS, musician, composer and pianist GUY MANOUKIAN, ALBERT BOYADJIAN, DJ ROYO, ANDRE SOUEID and JOSE CARLOS.

Find below all the details related to the event and attached the event’s posters:

Overview of the event:

Event Name: Musicians on a Mission

Event Type: Stay at home live charity concert

Date & time: Sunday June 7, 2020 at 6:30PM

Location: Zaytouna Bay

Event Objective: The main purpose of this event is to motivate people to donate for the NGO “The Heart of Giving” in addition to revive the city of Beirut through Music.

The Heart of Giving | Sa3ed Tas3ad

Heart of Giving is a nonprofit charity organization established in Beirut in 2020, with registration No 6965, which started by tackling hunger and food insecurity issues that impact the lives of a large sector of the population across all areas of Lebanon.

Their mission, beside eradicating hunger throughout most of the areas of Lebanon, is to actively seek sustainable solutions and aim to turn these underprivileged communities into self-reliant productive ones to empower them and make positive change in their lives to thrive and flourish with dignity.

Eventually they are aiming to initiate and provide the necessary tools that would operate effective productive projects and crafts, thus helping them to be economically independent. These projects would be materialized through partnership with corporate and Lebanese designers, that would lead to innovative thinking in producing these projects and marketing these products on our online website charity page, to have their full proceeds all returning to all families in need.

Furthermore, they have coordinated with other NGOs and depended on site visits to identify which areas require the most help. Over the course of the last 5 months they were able to distribute around 2155 food rations, trying to reduce hunger and spread smiles. In the process, they reach out to NGO whose mission is different than theirs, and can fulfill certain required needs of our targeted communities, like education, medical aid, and job opportunities.

For now, the NGOs donations are in the form of food boxes distributed to the most in need. The cost of the box is 85,000 L.L. and it includes 16 items:

  1. Adas majroush 1kg
  2. Adas ahmar 1kg
  3. Borghol hard 1kg
  4. Rice 3 kg
  5. Hommus 1kg
  6. Red Beans 1 kg
  7. Flour 1kg
  8. Sugar 2kg
  9. Salt 700gm
  10. Pasta 250 gm (2)
  11. Tomato paste 400gm
  12. Chicken martadella 200gm
  13. Mayonnaise 250gm
  14. Foul mdammas 400gm(2)
  15. Cheese 8 portions (2)
  16. Milk 750gm

The donations will be accepted through the NGOs website, which is under construction, to be finalized next week.

Check their instagram page:

Musicians on a Mission:

The concert will be held on Sunday June 7th, at 6:30 PM at Zeytouna Bay. It will be live streamed through Youtube, Facebook and Instagram on the NGO’s social media platforms.

The stay at home live charity concert features Hiba Al Kawas, Guy Manoukian, Albert Boyadjian, DJ Royo, Andre Soueid and Jose Carlos.

All artists, sponsors, supporters and partners joined our mission to create awareness around the NGO and motivate people to donate.

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