Live Love Beirut and The EuroMena Funds joined hands on World Cleanup Day 2018 for a cleaner Lebanon


The EuroMena Funds joined the global movement: World Cleanup Day to make Lebanon a cleaner place. Partnering for the first time with Live Love Beirut, Lebanon Cleanup Day took place on September 15, first of many future corporate events.

This initiative is part of The EuroMena Funds’ corporate and social responsibility initiatives, as the Fund continuously endeavors to ensure effective Environmental and Social (E&S) management practices in all the activities it undertakes. The main purpose of this event was to create awareness in the country on how we can protect our environment starting with every individual and thus creating a personal and a country wide impact.

In order to responsibly manage and protect stakeholders’ assets, The EuroMena Funds has integrated E&S considerations into their investment strategy and corporate culture. These core principles are key to the Fund’s business practices and allow it to promote the preservation of environmental and social capital for future generations.

More than 3500 volunteers cleaned up the shores, underwater, rivers and forests

of more than 30 locations across Lebanon, from north to south; these include Saida, Ain el Mrayse, Zouk, Tyr and Tripoli among many others. They helped rid the shores of more than 100 tons of trash which will be handled by Live Love Recycle for sorting and recycling at the various facilities they collaborate with.

Commenting on the event, Maya Mansour, partner and legal counsel at The EuroMena Funds said: “We believe that the World Cleanup Day has resulted in a great impact for Lebanon by initiating a sense of responsibility and awareness of the population. It is heartwarming to see so many people being mobilized. Lebanon has some of the most beautiful beaches and a very long coastline, and it is really sad to see this amount of litter on the beaches and marine environment. Again, a heartfelt thank you to all the volunteers who showed up.”