Bassma Association cooperates with City Centre Beirut to celebrate Al-Adha feast with a beautiful outing for Bassma children

Beirut, August XX, 2016:  In her mission to empower the most disadvantaged children and its continuous cooperation with City Centre Beirut, Bassma and City Centre jointly celebrated Al-Adha feast on the 24th of August with the organization’s 250 children.

Bassma sought to entertain the children to the utmost during this special outing, knowing that they rarely enjoy such moments in their life. They enjoyed a wonderful day that started with a movie, followed by a lunch at the food court, and a delightful time while playing with hundreds of kids’ games, rides and attractions in Magic planet.

Commenting on the occasion, the President and Founder of Bassma, Mrs. Sandra Klat Abdelnour said: “This outing organized for Bassma kids is a huge activity for them, it is almost a luxury due to the poverty they live in. Our aim today is to educate kids and keep them away from delinquency by helping them experience happy moments never lived before. It is important to know that those children do not have access to those spaces, therefore, seeing their smiles today is priceless. I am more than happy to see that once again Bassma is achieving the goal of spreading the joy among Lebanese families in need”.

Bassma is a Lebanese nonprofit humanitarian organization for Social Development established in Lebanon in 2002 whose mission is to empower the most deprived families to reach self-sufficiency. Thanks to this respectful association, the basic needs every child should have are no longer seen as luxurious ones.


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