Aline Lahoud supports “We Stand Together” in their activities with children and teenagers from Beirut blast

We Stand Together concluded its three-day social activities with children and teenagers at La Sagesse Achrafiyeh with the contribution of the star artist Aline Lahoud.

The event was organized with experts from the association Beirut To-Gather. It included psyco-social support activities for children and teenagers aged 3 to 15 years and who were traumatized by the Beirut port explosion on August 4th.

In addition, discussion and awareness sessions were held with their parents to help and support the caretakers and enable them to deal with their children in such cases.

Lahoud said: “it is our duty to stand with children and adolescents during this period of time in order to secure their safety, which is their basic rights, and to assure them that more beautiful days are coming”. She went on to thank “We Stand Together” for providing them and their families with the opportunity to overcome their trauma. She concluded: “In the hope that we give our children the least of their rights in Lebanon, which is safety and hope for tomorrow “.

The vice president of We Stand Together, Johnny Helou, said: “Hand in hand, we help the youth of Beirut to rise from the rubble. Stone is important, but people are more important. It starts with children and teenagers. “

We Stand Together was established to secure the needs of the affected population in Beirut and the surrounding areas as a result of the massive explosion at the port, which caused severe material, physical and psychological damage.

The association includes about 170 volunteers who earlier helped more than 150 families by cleaning damaged homes, repairing windows and doors, removing garbage, basic medicine distribution, as well as restoring broken furniture. The association also takes care of families on a psychological level.

The association’s slogan, We Stand Together to leave no one behind speaks for itself.

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