The first Social Impact Bond programme, created and launched by the Authority of Social Contribution – Ma’an


  • Aldar Education, in collaboration with the Authority of Social Contribution – Ma’an, the Department of Community Development, Aldar Properties and Zayed Higher Organisation for People of Determination, created “ATMAH” a specialist pilot vocational training initiative, working with People of Determination
  • Curated by Ma’an’s Social Impact Bond programme, ATMAH currently has 25 students under training and aims to provide skills to enable the students to gain full-time employment
  • Students recently shared their ambitions and hopes with Aldar Education and talked about what the programme means to them

Abu Dhabi, 30 September 2020: As part of its commitment to inclusion and empowering People of Determination, Aldar Education has partnered with the Authority of Social Contribution – Ma’an and four other leading entities in Abu Dhabi on the GCC’s first Social Impact Bond programme, ‘ATMAH’.

Featuring 25 students, the pilot ‘ATMAH’ education programme was launched by Ma’an and  specially designed by Aldar Education to equip People of Determination in Abu Dhabi with employability skills and help them secure permanent employment upon graduation, and provide Aldar Education’s teachers the opportunity to demonstrate the importance of continued education and training for People of Determination.

Some of the students on the course recently spoke with Aldar Education and shared their ambitions and hopes and offered an insight into what the training programme means to them.

The students featured include: 18-year old Zayed Al Amri, a married father of three Ali Abu Bakr, Special Olympian equestrian gold medallist Basma Bashar El Ghassin and Boran Abdelmajeid, who wants to follow in her father’s medical footsteps.