Signing the Cooperation Declaration for the Establishment of Charles de Gaulle Institute in Lebanon

June 18, 2016 witnessed the signing of the Cooperation Declaration to establish Charles de Gaulle Institute in Lebanon at ESA. A symbolic date since it refers to the 75th anniversary of the 18 June appeal of General de Gaulle.

H.E. Ambassador of France to Lebanon Mr. Emmanuel BONNE, the General Secretary of Charles de Gaulle Foundation Mr. Marc FOSSEUX, and the General Manager of ESA Mr. Stéphane ATTALI and the President of the Foundation for the Preservation of the Heritage of Charles de Gaulle in Lebanon Mr. Christian BESSE were present at the event.

Charles de Gaulle Institute, which will be accommodated in ESA Campus, will play a major role in honoring the memory of General de Gaulle and strengthening the exchanges between France and Lebanon. It will also have the mission of raising public awareness on the visionary action of General de Gaulle and emphasize the special relationship that he established with Lebanon and its surrounding region.

Looking towards the future, Charles de Gaulle Institute and thanks to its Gaullist legacy, aims to becoming a research platform, a space for exchange and debates gathering a community of experts and professionals around the major challenges of the modern world.



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