Parents committee at Saint Joseph College Antoura launches initiative to support parents who are unable to pay tuition

Antoura, October 26, 2020: In light of the difficult circumstances in Lebanon, and their dangerous repercussions affecting life in all of its aspects, especially at the educational level, the Parents Committee at Saint Joseph College Antoura launched a special initiative to support students’ parents as much as possible, and help them overcome the current crisis.

The Parents Committee categorically refuses to allow the fall of an ancient Lebanese institution which has taught generations, and spared no effort to uphold its honorable educational mission towards its students and their parents. Moreover, based on its keenness to make sure that the severe repercussions of the crisis in the country do not impede students’ ability to learn, and so that they may remember their classmates throughout the years, the Parents Committee implemented this social and cooperative initiative, to help the parents who are no longer able to pay their children’s tuition, until this trying period ends, and life goes back to normal.

The committee therefore asks anyone who has the financial possibility to support the payment of the tuitions of students whose families lost the capacity to cover the cost of enrolling their children in school, by donating a sum of money, no matter how small it may be, after which the committee would make a list of all the needs and donations, and receive and distribute them itself on the basis of transparency and clarity.

To donate:

‏First National Bank sal

‏IBAN USD : LB07 0108 0000 0000 0221 7279 8002

‏IBAN  LBP : LB34 0108 0000 0000 0221 7279 8001

For more details, please send an email to [email protected], call the number +961 3 080 604 or reach out on Facebook: