McDonald’s Lebanon: Defining Happiness Through the Eyes of Children

Beirut, November 2018: True to the spirit of its iconic Happy Meal, enjoyed and loved by millions, McDonald’s Lebanon launched a countrywide drawing competition to promote the importance of art in children’s lives. The winning drawing will be the featured artwork of all Happy Meal boxes in Lebanon for a period of 1 month. The winner will also receive an incredible trip with their family to Euro Disney in Paris! Children are asked to draw what happiness is to them and looks like through their eyes and experiences on a blank Happy Meal box, offered with every Happy Meal purchased at any of McDonald’s branches in Lebanon.

McDonald’s Lebanon also held an event at Horsh Beirut for disadvantaged children and orphans with two extra large Happy Meal boxes installed for the children to draw and color. Young Lebanese contemporary artist and painter Louma Rabah was on hand to share tips and tricks. The event was followed by lunch at McDonald’s Badaro branch where the children also drew and colored blank Happy Meal boxes to be submitted for a chance to win.

McDonald’s recently also sent-out a branded coloring truck to the Shouf Biosphere Reserve – Barouk Forest, and Baabdat to reach out to children in these rural locations, including the National Rehabilitation and Development Center, a leading institution for children with special needs, and Barouk Official School with the partnership of the Ministry of Education. The truck was equipped with Happy Meals, entertainment, coloring material and blank boxes that the children drew and colored to participate in the competition.

Karim Miknas, Managing Partner of McDonald’s Lebanon explained that “A Happy Meal is not just a McDonald’s menu item; it’s an experience. Our core values of sharing fun simple moments and happiness build great memories and experiences. We are thrilled to open this up to children across Lebanon from different areas and backgrounds; happiness truly has no barriers.”

The competition ran until October 31st, 2018, with the winner to be announced in November 2018 as McDonald’s aspires to spread happiness to all children from all backgrounds in Lebanon.