Is a family home transformed into a lifestyle boutique, puts forward a concept store, a gallery, workshops and an event platform

A vision and passion for beauty, design, know-how and craftsmanship that comes to life through a carefully curated selection of objects and brands, that evolves overtime according to the mood of the moment.

First and foremost, TITUS is a family story inspired by all the women whom, from one generation to the next, have shaped this house to make it today an intimate and friendly place, a home with a soul.

And above all, TITUS reflects the vision of its founder, Sherine Geagea who, born from a French mother and a Lebanese father, naturally draws from these two cultures in all her inspirations.Welcome home

Located in the heart of Beirut at Sursock, TITUS welcomes you in a 600m2 apartment overlooking the sea, that has been converted into a unique lifestyle store, a house open to creativity.

TITUS is also about collaborations, and Sherine has surrounded herself with a Franco-Lebanese team to assist her in her vision:

Blending raw authenticity and elegance, refinement and modernity, TITUS has been refurbished by architect Walid Zeidan (WZ Architects), who has created a space that is both minimalist in its layout and maximalist in all its details, while keeping in mind the Soul and heritage of the place. In parallel, and side by side with Sherine, Amélie Baudin (Officina Paris) has injected her unique vision to develop the concept of TITUS, providing the art direction, space scenography, and the curation of brands for the place.

Together as a team, they have conceived the space, its design and layout to allow the greatest proximity with the products and collections presented, hence augmenting the experience with each object. Family owned furniture and souvenirs turn into displays, as daily mementos that tell a new story.

Each room in the apartment showcases the inspiration and theme of the moment, bringing together a selection of decorative objects, furniture, textiles, home fragrances, jewelry and accessories. The collections, brands or unique pieces, have all been carefully selected to inspire you.

One room is entirely dedicated to Pierre Frey’s le Manach collections, with whom TITUS has developed an exclusive partnership for Lebanon.

The kitchen is the best place to discover cookware collections and where workshops, events and private diners are hosted. An invitation to a culinary and sensorial journey, it is the perfect spot to share privileged moments and discover World cuisine.

Last but not least, in the other rooms of the house, TITUS runs creative ateliers as well as floral arrangement and botanical workshops, all inspired by the season we are in.

TITUS is a place of initiation, a collaborative space that fosters togetherness where one can meet artists and experts who all share and compliment TITUS’s creative vision and philosophy.

Music is one TITUS’ favorite way of communication as it contributes to creating a special bond with its public. Developed in collaboration with Jo Chemali, the music of TITUSMOOD emanates from an electic taste in beautiful tunes inspired by true moments, adventures and dreams. To listen, go to www.maisontitus.com.

Emotions, energy, vibrations and sharing, TITUS organizes new events every month, each time challenging your expectations to offer a new experience, like a moment suspended in time.


Sursock street, Residence building +961 1 334 229 / +961 3 272 420 maisontitus.com titusbeyrouth 182,5th floor, Achrafiyeh, Beirut