Lebanese Wines at the Heart of vibrant International Cuisine trends

Beirut, March 2017 – Following its big launch in November, SteakBarSushi makes news again with an event that further anchors its position as an avant-garde landmark in the culinary industry. Hosting the sixth-generation winemaker and Chateau Kefraya’s renowned oenologist, Fabrice Guiberteau, the restaurant held a wine tasting and food pairing session that gathered the country’s major media figures, including food experts and aficionados.


The unique initiative allowed an elite of connoisseurs and attendees to enjoy an exceptional dining experience of food and wine lead by Guiberteau. Pairing the eccentric fusion of ingredients and exciting menu of SteakBarSushi with one of Lebanon’s best wines, Guiberteau shared his expertise in the art of wine tasting and food pairing with the privileged guests who had the chance to savor delicious sushi, meat, salmon and tuna, followed by a “flaming” steak, to end it with a mouthwatering chocolate fondant.


Aiming at highlighting Lebanese authentic wine heritage and fostering a culture of wine appreciation, the collaboration between the unique concept of the SteakBarSushi and Kefraya proposed a deeper approach to dining, taking the olfactory and gustative senses to new levels. Commenting on that, oenologist Fabrice Guiberteau said: “Lebanon is among the oldest lands of wine production in the world. If we can smartly pair this wealth with the fantastic cuisine and hospitality the country is famed for, not only would we create enhanced dining experiences where senses are highly optimized, but also contribute in rising the local culinary scene to unprecedented levels to become a model to follow.”


As for Charbel Makhlouf, owner and concept creator of SteakBarSushi, he reiterated the fact that “this collaboration truly enriches the unique dining experience the restaurant offers, cementing its vision of delivering a full-fledged stimulating experience that takes guests on an inspiring journey of senses.” He added: “We are proud to be leaders in the efforts exerted to upgrade Lebanon’s dining scene to international standards.”


In the heart of Naccache, SteakBarSushi offers a unique dining experience distinguished by its eccentric food combinations, waiters’ personas, music, architecture, and lively vibes. With a dark brown wood design, elegant yet comfortable, and a terrace overlooking Naccache, the restaurant’s concept embraces spontaneity, whether through a food menu offering an exciting take on sushi and meat, or the unconventional “tools” and elements added to complete the unique culinary experience.