Sunset 2016 wins Gold at the 14th Mondial du Rosé, France’s prestigious wine competition

BEKAA VALLEY: Château Ksara, Lebanon’s leading winery, has once again solidified Lebanon’s position as a pioneer in the wine industry. Château Ksara’s Sunset 2016 sets new standards and raises the bar high by winning a gold medal at the 14th Mondial du Rosé in Cannes, a renowned competition in which over 1326 Rosé wines were submitted from 30 countries.

“Sunset is one of the backbones in our extensive portfolio of labels both at home and abroad and a modern expression of a winery that has been producing wines of a consistent quality for over 160 years said ‘Dikran Ghazal, General Manager of Château Ksara’’.

First released in 1974, Sunset, sold in over 34 countries, is made out of Cabernet Franc and Syrah. It is Lebanon’s best selling rosé and a permanent fixture on the nation’s dining tables and beach clubs during summer. It has an intense pink hue with an elegant nose of red fruit, a refreshing color palette for the season. Freshness in the mouth with an explosion of red skinned fruits with a sustained and balanced finish.

With a long and impressive history, Château Ksara was founded by the Jesuit fathers in 1857 and is Lebanon’s oldest producer. It is known for its famous Roman tunnels that run 2km deep, creating just the right conditions needed to properly age many of Château Ksara’s fine wines. “Wine professionals never fail to be touched by Château Ksara’s sense of history and impressed by the quality and versatility of our wines,” Mr. Ghazal added.