209 Lebanese Wine Celebrates their 5th year in Business and Continues to Lead the Lebanese Wine and Spirits Industry Online

Beirut, Lebanon – 209 Lebanese Wine, the first and only platform solely dedicated to selling Lebanese wines and spirits online, celebrates its 5th anniversary since first launching the website in 2016. The celebration was hosted through promotions on their website and their social media platforms and the launch of unique limited time packages, all revolving around the theme of 5.

This anniversary represents a milestone for 209 Lebanese Wine as they launched at a time when the e-commerce industry was almost non-existent in Lebanon. With a mission to shed light on Lebanese wine and local producers, 209 focused on three major pillars: Creating a seamless online experience that is convenient for all shoppers, cultivating a culture of appreciation for Lebanese wine, and educating people about buying local.

Amidst the global pandemic and the political and economic crisis in Lebanon, the celebration of 5 years of business also acts as a reflection of how far they have come and how strong they have become as leaders in the Lebanese wine industry.

Founder of 209 Lebanese Wine, and wine marketer since 1999, Selim Yasmine, had this to say about his 5 years of business: “When we first launched 209 Lebanese Wine back in 2016, the e-commerce industry in Lebanon was still at its early stages. I saw where things were going and decided to jump directly into the future, by developing an online shopping platform, despite knowing the challenges and how tough the road was going to be.”

He continues: “When the crisis hit, the logistics and e-commerce industries in Lebanon skyrocketed, and all of our challenges suddenly became our strengths and advantages. We knew we were ready; we knew we had invested in the right direction, and we never gave up. When the time actually came to benefit from these investments, in time, money, education and awareness, we reaped the fruits of all of our years of hard work.
I knew that one day we would become the leaders and pioneers of selling Lebanese wine online. I feel like have been raising this child 5 years, and it’s now ready to spread its wings and fly on its own.”

209 Lebanese Wine has been featuring Lebanese wines and spirits and educating the public about these Lebanese treasures. With the eventual expansion of the website internationally, people from all over the world will get to have a taste of Lebanon.

For more information about 209 Lebanese Wine visit their website: www.209lebanesewine.com