Total Liban Takes Care of Women and Their Cars

Beirut, 26 March, 2015: For the third consecutive year, Total Liban is dedicating the month of March to women by inviting them to participate in activities designed for them. Total Liban received on 21 March, 2015, eight women at the TOTAL BHV service station, including three bloggers, who received a special training. Indeed, they had the opportunity to be trained under the hood by a specialist and were, thus, initiated to the basic rules of mechanics in order to act like pros in case of car breakdown!

At the end of the training, participants received a set of Car Care Products (CCP), a beauty product kit, and gifts from TOTAL. They also left the premises in their shiny cars following the quality car wash that was offered to them.

In the same context and on the occasion of International Women’s Day, trained hostesses in twenty TOTAL service stations, throughout the Lebanese territory, offered women beauty products and brochures that explain the benefits of the CCP so, that women can take care of their car just like they take care of themselves!


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