touch reminds it costumers about data consumption control measures

Beirut – August 26, 2019: Following the current talk in regard to the rapid data consumption on mobile phones recently, touch, the leading mobile telecommunications and data operator in Lebanon, managed by Zain Group, explained that several factors stand behind the high data usage, highlighting the most important ones which are the use of social media channels and cloud services, video consumption, and the smart phones that include applications and processes running in the background which in return cause large consumption of data without the customer notice, in the form of software and applications upgrade and backups. All these factors led to the increase of data consumption on mobile phones, taking into consideration that the summer season is the most active period when it comes to consumption.

touch also clarified that it has the latest billing systems, allowing it to accurately calculate the consumed megabytes and rating them according error-free, while at the same time the company notifies its customers whenever they are close to reaching or exceeding their data bundle limits, to avoid out of bundle charges. Accordingly, all touch customers are being notified through text messages about the percentage of their data consumption starting from 50%, followed by other messages once they reach 80% and when 100% of the bundle is consumed, offering them as well other options such as moving to a bigger bundle or renewing the subscription. 

The company also highlighted a series of additional measures that help its customers control their data consumption, such as real time consumption monitoring through touch Lebanon mobile app available on the Apple Store and Google Play. In parallel, touch invites its customers to visit its official social media channels (;;; company/touch-lebanon) for tips on how to consume data on their phones and avoid exceeding the packages they are subscribed to. Additionally, its 111 call center agents, the e-chat channel available on touch app and the company’s website ( are also ready to promptly answer all customers inquiries regarding data consumption and advise them on moderate data use.

About touch

touch is the leading mobile operator in Lebanon, managed by Zain Group, the pioneering mobile and data services operator in the Middle East and Africa. In the last thirteen years of operations under Zain’s management, touch has had many success stories, providing cutting-edge services and technology to its consumers.

Drawing from Zain’s regional expertise providing telecommunication and mobile data services to 50 million users, touch has devised and adopted a consumer-centric strategy. touch’s range of services and its 3.9G and 4.5G coverage of all Lebanese territories has allowed it to gain a 54% wireless telecommunication market share in Lebanon. touch employs specialized and competent Lebanese personnel that aims to provide the latest in telecommunication services and products to the local community to help it grow in a more sustainable way.

touch, with the backing of Zain and its cooperation with the Lebanese Ministry of Telecommunications, dedicates all its resources to keeping up with the latest in telecom and mobile data. It offers a 24/7 call center service to cater to the need of its customers for uninterrupted connection. 

touch values the local community, perceiving it as a major partner; its mission and vision reflect a dedication to humanitarian, social, and cultural causes, as well as creativity and innovation, which it considers integral to advancing its social responsibility program.


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