Samsung Initiates an Online Campaign to Raise Awareness on Autism in collaboration with the Lebanese Autism Society

Beirut, Lebanon – October 2018 – Within their continuous initiatives to generate value in the community by addressing social issues, Samsung Electronics Levant Co. Ltd. (SELV) has launched an online campaign to raise awareness around autism in Lebanon to increase funds and donations to support the mission of the Lebanese Autism Society (LAS). The campaign started on October 11th under the hashtag #uniquelyhuman and will run for a month through social media, You Tube and Google. It is visualized by a series of pictures highlighting the great abilities of individuals with autism, if they’re given the chance to develop them.

“With Samsung’s continuous support for the Lebanese Autism Society‘s cause, we are shedding light on children with autism and their capacities to become efficient community members because they are uniquely human,” said Chung Sup Lee, Vice President of Samsung Electronics Levant. “Supporting such causes through technology can give these children a chance to live within their communities as active members.”

In order to support the development and education of children with Autism, Samsung previously partnered with the Lebanese Autism Society (LAS) and installed a smart screen television and tablets at their premises. They created a safe classroom area for the children with autism to come and learn with the assistance of Samsung products and technology.

The Lebanese Autism Society (LAS) is a non-governmental organization founded by parents of Children with Autism and professionals working with Autism. To date, more than 1000 members have joined the Association to enhance the well-being of individuals living with Autism in Lebanon by advocating for their rights and providing them and their families support and services from early childhood through adulthood.

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