Five Ways to Capture the Moments That Matter Most with Galaxy S10 this Ramadan

In today’s connected era, users have come to expect enhanced capabilities from their smartphones to empower them to achieve more every day. Because of this, the desire to stay in touch and reflect on cherished moments with loved ones, such as family gatherings and festive celebrations, has become an important necessity for digitally savvy consumers. We count on our devices to deliver experiences that are second to none, especially during moments that matter most. This is particularly important during events and occasions like Ramadan.

The Galaxy S10 offers powerful ways for users to embrace Samsung’s cutting-edge technologies thanks to the inclusion of meaningful camera innovations and intelligent camera features.

With next generation innovations, the Galaxy S10 and Galaxy S10+ provide users with all the tools needed to take executional quality shots that capture the true spirit and festiveness of Ramadan. Here’s a snapshot of the possibilities you can unlock this Ramadan:

A Camera for Every Occasion: Offering a lens for every scene, the Galaxy S10 lineup revolutionizes the way you capture moments. With either five (Galaxy S10+) or four lenses (Galaxy S10), you will have no trouble unlocking incredible zoom capabilities, ultra wide frames, and telephoto lenses to easily capture an array of Ramadan shots from all angles.

Capture Ramadan in Full Frame: You’ll have no problem fitting all of your Ramadan experiences into frame thanks to the Galaxy S10’s Ultra Wide angle lens. The powerful 16MP Ultra Wide lens revolutionizes how you can capture the world with a brand new 123-degree lens – perfect for ultra wide panoramas or fitting the whole family in one shot.

Elevated Scenes: Whether you’re celebrating the festive season during the day, at night, indoors, or outside, the Galaxy S10’s Scene Optimizer analyzes and intelligently processes scenes so you don’t have to. As your intelligent photo assistant, Scene Optimizer also gives you instant and automatic photo recommendations to ensure your images are perfectly composed and enhanced for a professional-quality look.

Life in Focus: With Live Focus, you can shine a spotlight on your favorite Ramadan moments. Live focus technology detects humans in the frame, intelligently letting you soften the background and adjust depth of field for more artistic shots. Available through the Galaxy S10+’s RGB depth front camera, or through the Galaxy S10’s front dual pixel UHD selfie camera, new Artistic Live Focus modes – such as spin bokeh, zoom bokeh, as well as color point and blur – allow you to take truly festive and artistic portrait shots of family and friends this Ramadan.

Super Steady Video: Delivering industry leading professional video recording capabilities, the Galaxy S10’s Super Steady feature, which utilizes the camera’s ultra-wide lens and predictive software, is great for focusing on moving objects, people, or action scenes. Whether you’re capturing the action of a family gathering, or general every day Ramadan adventures, you can enjoy creating stabilized videos that focus on the details that matter most.


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